Toni's Art


Toni developed a fascination for the ink and drawing techniques of artists such as Arthur Rackham and Charles Robinson while attending university in the Fine Arts Program.  Later influences include the bold colour applications of Canadian artists such as Emily Carr and Cecil Youngfox as well as Georgia O’Keefe. 


Fascinated with the wide array of colours and a limitless choice of subjects in the natural world,  Toni applies watercolours and various mediums such as ink and pencil to create detail, texture, and depth to imaginary forms and spaces on paper and canvas.  The different colours and textures are suitable for any home or office. 

Currently, her work is on display at the Walkerville Artist's Co-op, located in Windsor, Ontario, Canada. 

Grandma's Window Series

Toni's floral series in acrylics on canvas; "Grandma's Window," is a tribute to her grandmother and the view from her little kitchen window.  Although her garden was small, her grandmother took pride in what she sowed.  She taught Toni an appreciation for plants, flowers, and trees and all that Mother Nature offered.

Once called, “Giantism” by a friend to describe Toni's canvases, the flowers and greenery in this group are larger than life and very expressive, with average size of 24" x 30".   

Wet Dreams Series

As a child, Toni spent  much of her time playing on the shores of the Atlantic east coast of Canada.   There,  she first learned about the wide array of life forms that thrived along the salt water shores.  Over the years, she dreamed of other natural wonders below the surface and she chose to paint them. 


All pieces in this series are completed using watercolours with layers sometimes applied using other medium such as pencil and/or pen.  They are in various sizes with the smallest being 8" x 10". 

Pen and Pencil Pieces

Wherever and whenever Toni has the chance, she has a pen or pencil ready to sketch whatever is close by. This section is dedicated to all of those miscellaneous subjects that strike her interest and hopefully yours as well. 

In keeping with Toni's focus on enlarging small details and enhancing some of the objects and scenes that we might never see, there is a variety of pieces available with the smallest being 4" x 4". 

Outdoor Life & Landscape


Many  in this series started as Plein Air Art, with Toni working outside when weather permitted with her sketchbook in hand.  Finishing touches were completed back in her home studio of the landscapes that she saw.  

Of various sizes, colours, and textures, these pieces are calm, sometimes comforting and always pleasing to the eye.  Sizes vary, depending on what was convenient to use in the outdoors. 

Photography Gallery

Taking time out to stop and smell the roses.  Or, in this case, taking a photograph.  Initially, Toni took pictures of outdoor life as studies to be used back in her home studio. 


Many of these original photographs focus on the littler things in life and landscape, such as the lily pads in this side photo, the roots of an old tree, or a seashell floating by itself in the water.  


Thank you for taking the time to view these pages.  Enjoy!  

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