All the World is an Illusion


Whether Toni uses acrylics on canvas or watercolours and pencil on paper, her intent is the same; to build layers of colour and texture to create images that are truly unique and inviting to the eye. Upon closer examination, each section is an abstract in itself.


One of Toni's current series, "Wet Dreams," creates a fantasy world of underwater ocean life - a world that most of us can dream about but may never see.  Her floral series in acrylics on canvas; "Grandma's Window," is a tribute to her grandmother and time spent in her garden.

Once called, “Giantism” by a friend to describe her canvasses, the flowers and greenery in this group are larger than life and very expressive.  This focus on details of enlarged pieces continues to be of primary importance in her photographs.  And last but not least, her small pieces in pen and pencil demonstrate the variety of her interests and skills. 

Toni's work is available for closer viewing at the Walkerville Artist's Co-op in Windsor, Ontario.  Or contact her by email for more info. 

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